[Lazarus] Can't find unit Interfaces on launchpad's build farm - is Lazarus/FPC broken in Ubuntu 12.04?

Bernd prof7bit at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 20:21:56 CEST 2012



Build-Depends: fpc, lcl, lcl-utils, lazarus

I always thought that lazarus alone would pull in all required
dependencies to use Lazarus and build LCL applications. Isn't this how
it is supposed to be?

If anybody wants to experiment with this here is an empty skeleton
containing only an empty Lazarus project and my makefile:

customize the makefile, change email address, author name, package
name, ppaname, lpiname, exename, use the email address that
corresponds to your own gpg key and that is also associated with your
launchpad account, if necessary tweak the 3 targets (clean, all,
install) to fit your purpose and then

  make ubuntu_src

and check that it ran without errors (this will create a DEBUILD
directory with a bunch of files in it) and then if there was no error

  make ubuntu_upload

This will ask for your gpg passphrase to sign the files and then
upload it to your PPA and enqueue it for building on their build farm.
Check your email for error messages and log files. Increment the
version number for every new upload with changed sources or it will

For local testing (until you know it works) you can also do

  make ubuntu_deb

This will perform all steps and build the .deb locally for debugging
the build process.

I'm going to write a wiki page with instructions next week.

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