[Lazarus] lazdebian.lpk - Create Debian package from exiting Lazarus Project

Andrew Brunner atbrunner at aurawin.com
Sun Sep 30 17:02:19 CEST 2012


I was about to need that. :-)

On 09/30/2012 09:08 AM, Bernd wrote:
> I made a Lazarus package for creating Debian packages from Lazarus projects:
> * Create binary (.deb) Package
>    - optionally signed with gpg key
> * Create Debian source package
>    - optionally signed
>    - optionally upload to Launchpad PPA for automatic building and publishing.
> Screenshots, source code  and short explanation here:
> http://prof7bit.github.com/lazdebian/
> Now we can start flooding the Ubuntu ecosystem with high quality
> Lazarus Applications with only a few clicks of the mouse.
> The package is 95% complete already, works with simple projects out of
> the box with default settings, only need to fix some small remaining
> problems, maybe one day it would qualify for inclusion in the packages
> that ship with Lazarus by default (for this I still need a proper
> solution to my other question (version info), maybe a newly
> implemented macro that returns the version number)?
> Bernd
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