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Kjow antispammoni at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 12:38:33 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I would use android sensors (vibration, accelerometer, etc) without
LCLBase, is it possible?.

My skill about these things is quite low, so please excuse me if my
language is not too technical or my concepts are too trivial.

I can compile for android-arm (latest lazarus/fpc trunk svn revisions at
now) and build apk well in lazarus/fpc, both with or without LCL (e.g.
androidlcl). Of course, without LCL I haven't forms, etc, but I can use
ZenGL that draws in OpenGL very very quickly (60fps stable with a lot of
objects [sprites, etc] and 2d physics on Galaxy Note, a two years old

I added LCLBase to the project requirements, it compiles well and the app
works, of course no calls are made.
Now, if I just add lazdeviceapis to units, it compiles well, but the app
crashes at start without any calls (e.g. device.vibrate() ).

Then, I tried to "extract" from lazdeviceapis what seem to be "useful", and
I can make an unit that can compile well (without LCLBase requirement). The
app start and works ok, but when I call something (e.g. device.vibrate(250)
) the app crashes.

I know there is a part in ".java" needed, I tried to do something, but
unsuccessfully (I think).

Any help?

Thank you,
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