[Lazarus] .chm Helpfiles

HEW LINES hewlines at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 27 18:58:53 CEST 2013

Good morning to all.

I'm a long-time Delphi user and new to Lazarus but am really enjoying it.

I'm trying to use a .chm helpfile with a program that I'm writing. It works well with Delphi 4 but I can't get it to work with Lazarus. I use "Application.Helpfile" to identify it and then have tried both "Application.command(HELP_FINDER, 0)" and "Aplication.Command(0)". Both statements compile and execute with no error or warning messages but do nothing. The application executes with no porblems except that nothing is displayed and no indication of any problem is visible.

Any ideas ?


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