[Lazarus] Synapse SSH

Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Fri Aug 2 17:02:23 CEST 2013

I've copied the example from the wiki as a second test.
I only set the pair login/password: same result as before (PAM 
autentication failed).
Then I generated a pair of SSH2-rsa keys (1024) using puttygen and 
assigned the PrivateKey property to the private key file generated.
Result is worse as an exception arises without explanation.
One thing is at least sure: the plain socket connects well to the server 
so we can forget about netwoprk failures.
On the other hand, I can connect to the server:22 with putty from win32 
and from ssh from any other Linux box
I began to trace but I'll leave it for next monday.

Have a nice WE.


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