[Lazarus] Timing of all compiler options on slow machines

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 22 14:47:34 CEST 2013

Am 22.08.2013 14:38, schrieb waldo kitty:
> On 8/22/2013 07:42, Sven Barth wrote:
>> Am 21.08.2013 17:45, schrieb Sven Barth:
>>> Maybe I'll need to test this on my mobile development computer as 
>>> well (800
>>> MHz Intel Stealy processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows 7) ^^
>> I've written a simple application that uses TProcess to start "fpc 
>> -i" and "fpc
>> -h" and reads it standard and error output. The "fpc" executable can 
>> be passed
>> as parameter.
>> On my above mentioned 800 MHz system "fpc -i" takes ~445ms and "fpc 
>> -h" ~540ms
>> for a 2.6.2 fpc.exe. If I now use a 2.6.2 ppc386.exe (which is called by
>> fpc.exe) the time is ~240ms and ~315ms respectively.
>> I've attached the lpr if someone wants to test him-/herself.
> saved as processtest.lpr... opened laz and opened a project... pointed 
> to processtest.lpr and chose 'Application' when laz asked what kind of 
> project... was 'Application' the proper project to choose?
'Program' or 'Simple Program' would have been correct. Alternatively you 
could have compiled it on the command line as well...
> also, i edited line 49 where the value of 'exe' is set to 'fpc' to put 
> in the complete path and filename since there is no apparent path 
> search or extension...
>   exe := 'X:\freepascal\fpc\trunk\bin\i386-win32\fpc.exe'
That is only the fallback (as Lazarus does). 'fpc' will then be searched 
in %PATH%. Other executables can be supplied using a parameter (the 
first one is used) so that I need to compile the test program only once 
to test different executables.
> running gives me the following in a popup box...
>   Process processtest raised exception class 'RunError(103)'.
Maybe you should have chosen 'Program' indeed. ^^ Alternatively add 
"{$apptype console}" at the top or disable GUI application in the 
project options.


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