[Lazarus] Proposal for changing fpc version on the fly in the IDE

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Thu Aug 22 15:23:20 CEST 2013

patspiper wrote:

> When multiple FPC versions are used, the fpc binary and related 
> utilities are usually located in <fpc folder>/<fpc version>/bin, and the 
> compiler itself (ppcxxx) in <fpc folder>/<fpc version>/lib/fpc/<fpc 
> version>. The folders could be different than these, but the point to 
> note is that there are 2 folders that rely on the fpc version.

I don't see that here (Linux/Debian, FPC and Lazarus built broadly with 
defaults). Binaries are in /usr/local/bin, FPC-specific stuff in 
/usr/local/lib/fpc/x.y.z where x.y.z is a version number. As a general 
point, I normally copy a clean fpcsrc into x.y.z for Lazarus's benefit 
but that still only leaves a single directory named for a version number.

> Furthermore, it is not good practice to specify the ppcxxx compiler in 
> the compiler path in the IDE options, especially when cross-compiling. 
> The fpc binary must be specified instead, and that binary must be able 
> to locate the ppcxxx folder.

For users who aren't cross-compiling, why is this a bad idea? (I ask for 
information, not because I'm arguing or criticising).

I usually add a couple of symlinks in /usr/local/bin e.g. ppcsparc -> 
ppcsparc-2.6.2 and ppcsparc-2.6.2 -> /usr/local/lib/fpc/2.6.2/ppcsparc. 
The fpc binary will be the one installed by the most recent build.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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