[Lazarus] Timing of all compiler options on slow machines

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Aug 25 14:12:44 CEST 2013

On Sun, 25 Aug 2013 13:51:03 +0200
Ludo Brands <ludo.brands at free.fr> wrote:

> In that case, splitting the timing values between reading/rendering for
> single core cpu's (the atom is single core with hyper-threading) doesn't
> make sense. Rendering is very much cpu bound in this case.
> On an i7 4 core I get Time for reading options 22ms for a total of 17ms
> on console. So that suggests indeed that on a single core, the rendering
> is the big problem.

1 sec for rendering is not a big problem.
5 sec virus scanning is a big problem.


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