[Lazarus] terminal window not displayed in lazarus on kubuntu linux

Paul paul at appjaws.plus.com
Fri Jan 18 12:25:13 CET 2013

I am new to lazarus and have installed a linux deb version on my kubuntu 
I am running kubuntu linux which runs KDE as the desktop and have 
installed lazarus 1,0,4, FPC version 2.6.0. x86_64-linux-gtk2.
The problem:
When I choose run, the program compiles just fine but the output is not 
displayed in a terminal window.  This happens with all of my programs 
running on lazarus.
I have the same lazarus, fpc and programs running on windows and on 
windows as soon as the program is compiled a terminal window pops up and 
displayed the results.
Could it be that this problem is because it is a gtk2 version and not KDE?

Can anyone help please,
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