[Lazarus] trunk compile error Win XP : Error: identifier idents no member "StrikeThrough"

John Landmesser JohnML at online.de
Wed Jan 23 15:52:45 CET 2013


i cannot compile actual lazarus trunk version:

Stops here:

procedure TLazCanvas.AssignFontData(AFont: TFPCustomFont);
   if AFont = nil then Exit;
   Font.FPColor := AFont.FPColor;
   Font.Name := AFont.Name;
   Font.Size := AFont.Size;
   Font.Bold := AFont.Bold;
   Font.Italic := AFont.Italic;
   Font.Underline := AFont.Underline;
   {$IF (FPC_FULLVERSION=20601) or (FPC_FULLVERSION>=20701)} //changed 
in 2.6.1 and 2.7; remove when FPC 2.6.2+ only is supported
   Font.StrikeThrough := AFont.StrikeThrough;
   Font.StrikeTrough := AFont.StrikeTrough; //old version with typo

error message is:

C:\lazarus\lcl\lazcanvas.pas(765,8) Error: identifier idents no member 


Lazarus 1.1 r39792 FPC 2.6.1 i386-win32-win32/win64

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