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There's a link on the cheetah page to the reproduction rights:

This statement is there:

"Illustrations and photographs are also subject to copyright
protection, so you do not have the right to reproduce them, in most
You may reproduce illustrations and photographs for personal use, as
long as you credit the creator and copyright owner of each image. So,
for example, you may copy an image and use it in a school project,
with credit given.
The museum does not own all of the photographs used in the Natural
History Notebooks, but it received permission from the owners to do
so. The copyright owner of each illustration and photograph is
identified directly below the larger-version of the image (obtained by
clicking on the smaller version, and delivered in a pop-up
browser-window). Where no copyright owner is identified for a
photograph, it exists in the public domain."

And "For any other use of material from the Natural History Notebooks,
contact us to request written permission."

So, i would ask the museum for permission, in order to avoid future problems...

2013/1/8, Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>:
> Graeme Geldenhuys <graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk> hat am 8. Januar 2013 um 13:08
> geschrieben:
>> On 01/07/13 22:45, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> >> And it is based on this image, i used it as guide lines to draw my
>> >> own.
>> >> http://nature.ca/notebooks/english/cheetah_p1.htm
>> >> I am not a lawyer, so not sure if i break any license for the original
>> >> image.
>> >
>> > AFAIK this depends on the country.
>> Umm... A cheetah is a cheetah is a cheetah. Any cheetah looks pretty
>> similar to any other cheetah in the wild. So it goes without saying that
>> a drawing of a cheetah will look pretty similar to another drawing of a
>> cheetah. In any case, the one is a drawing of a complete cheetah, the
>> other is just of the head section. Very different. So I don't think
>> Zaher has anything to worry about.
> You are probably right, that Zaher has not to worry.
> AFAIK in most countries it does not matter if you create a derivative work
> only
> from parts of a drawing.
> If the new work is a derivative work or if its resemblance is small enough
> to
> claim a new work is a matter of the law+lawyers of the country of whatever
> company wants to use this logo. Remember the "red bus" copyright case?
> Mattias
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