[Lazarus] My Lazarus logo using Inkscape

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Wed Jan 9 13:55:35 CET 2013

João Marcelo Vaz schrieb:
> The museum does not own all of the photographs used in the Natural
> History Notebooks, but it received permission from the owners to do
> so. The copyright owner of each illustration and photograph is
> identified directly below the larger-version of the image (obtained by
> clicking on the smaller version, and delivered in a pop-up
> browser-window). Where no copyright owner is identified for a
> photograph, it exists in the public domain."

I doubt that such a simple sentence can make a photo public domain. 
Every picture has an creator, who can decide freely about the use 
(license) of his work. Most countries accepted this view of the 
ownership on intellectual work (Berne Convention), superseding widely 
the old English "Copyright".

> And "For any other use of material from the Natural History Notebooks,
> contact us to request written permission."
> So, i would ask the museum for permission, in order to avoid future problems...

I'd discourage from contacting the museum. In most cases asking for an 
allowance is denied by the clerks of an organization, because this is 
the only "safe" answer for them.

>>> Umm... A cheetah is a cheetah is a cheetah. Any cheetah looks pretty
>>> similar to any other cheetah in the wild.

It makes a difference whether a specific given picture is reproduced 
(copied, scanned...) to represent or ressemble that *picture*, or to 
ressemble an *object* (cheetah) shown on the picture. Everybody must 
have an idea of how a cheetah looks like, before he can make a painting 
of it. Such inspiration is free of rights.


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