[Lazarus] TLabel.OptimalFill and AutoSizeDelayed

Daniel Simoes de Ameida dopidaniel at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jan 11 01:59:00 CET 2013

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Please download the Small Demo to demonstrate the issue, here:

[]s Daniel

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>Assunto: [Lazarus] TLabel.OptimalFill and AutoSizeDelayed
>Good night list,
>I notice a strange behavior on TLabel.OptimalFill...
 it doesn't work... For instance.. I'm changing a TLabel.Text during a 
TTabSheet.Show event... and in this case, TLabel.OptimalFill doesn´t 
work... Even if I do a direct call TLabel.AdjustFontForOptimalFill it 
doesn´t recalculate the font size...
>Following with the Debug, I 
notice that AutoSizeDelayed is set to True for this situation, and this 
make the function TCustomLabel.CalcFittingFontHeight exit prematurely...
>I attached a small project to demonstrate the issue...
>Should I open a Issue on BugTracker ?
>Thanks for the great effort to keep Lazarus and FPC increasingly better...
>Best Regards
>[]s Daniel
>Conheça o Projeto ACBr - Automaçao Comercial Brasil
>DJSystem a Loja Patrocinadora do ACBr
>Lazarus mailing list
>Lazarus at lists.lazarus.freepascal.org
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