[Lazarus] What is GeckoPort version 2 status?

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Fri Jan 18 23:40:07 CET 2013

Sent from my phone, sorry for top posting. The error about the not existing dir is fixed in the latest lazmkunit package. Did you do an fppkg update, then fppkg install gecko? Maybe you need to explicitely update lazmkunit. (fppkg install lazmkunit)Op 18-01-13 22:47 schreef Maxim Ganetsky:
18.01.2013 20:15, Joost van der Sluis пишет:
> On Sat, 2013-01-12 at 04:14 +0400, Maxim Ganetsky wrote:
>> The problem is that GeckoPort v2 fails to compile. See full log:
> Could you try again?

Now it compiles OK, thanks.

> For installation into Lazarus you have to supply the path of lazarus in
> your fppkg.cfg. Did you do that?

I added the following string to my fppkg.cfg:


But although this path definitely exists, Fppkg insists on the opposite:

[100%] Compiled package gecko
Installing package gecko
Lazarus directory 'i:\FPC\lazarus\' does not exist. Lazarus-package 
registration skipped.
Installation package gecko for target i386-win32 succeeded

>> Installation to Lazarus via LPK fails too, of course. It seems, some
>> files are missing.
>> BTW, is it possible to update GeckoPort to work with latest Gecko ESR
>> (as far as I understand, it is version 17)?
> In principle it is. But I don't know if they changed a lot since I look
> at it for the last time.
> There is a parser that parses the sdk-files and generates pascal code.
> That way it should be possible to update to gecko 17.
> I just tested it with Gecko 9 on Windows. The GBrowser example did work,
> only the registration of the mouse-events went wrong. I disabled those
> by commenting-out line 1636 in GeckoBrowser (this is in the
> Lazarus-package):
> //  FDOMEvents := PGeckoDOMEventRegisterArray(@events);
> If you can get this to work, we can look if it is possible to update to
> gecko-18.
> Joost.

Best regards,
  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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