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Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Tue Jan 22 09:09:26 CET 2013

Martin wrote:
> On 22/01/2013 00:44, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>> On 01/21/13 21:41, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>>> problems with the project does you, it, or in the current case the OP
>>> any favours.
>> Hey Mark, read the first message... Timothy is experiencing the same
>> things as I am, so I'm not alone. Lazarus seems to be getting more buggy
>> than usual.  Sorry if that hurts your feelings.
> Strange though... If you read all of his messages:
> He had the problems with:  Lazarus on XUbuntu 12.04-1 running 
> KDE 4.
> He then said, he tried the current deb from sourceforge, and it solved 
> it for him.
> Marc Hanisch also said that the upgrade did him good.
> You have the problem with 1.0.x and you are fine with 0.9.30,2 (you 
> reverted to that)
> So apparently something was fixed, and something else broken....

I've got problems with 1.0.4 on SPARC Linux which is probably something 
to do with alignment although there's an outside chance that it could be 
due to the computer having more CPUs than most- it's been little-used 
for several years so I've not been testing FPC/Lazarus on it regularly. 

Timothy, Graeme: I stress that I'm not seeing the sort of gross 
unreliability that you report, and I've probably run most 
(even-numbered) versions since around 0.9.24. If you've got specific 
problems then please raise them for discussion and if necessary 
bug-report them. From a support POV, I'm bothered that there's something 
unpleasant lurking: number or speed of CPUs, type of graphics card, 
amount or type of memory (testable on x86 using a MemTest CD).

My usual OS-of-choice, irrespective of CPU, is Debian+KDE. In some cases 
this is KDE3, in others KDE4; in most cases I run headless. I usually 
run the IDE with GTK rather than Qt, although where possible I try to 
build for Qt on occasion. Of the major platforms, I'm not at present 
able to test x86-64; of the minor ones I'm only able to run ARM and MIPS 
via emulation, and haven't yet attempted to run FreeBSD.

> ---------------------
> As for the rest of my messages, I responded ONLY to the style of your 
> message. Not to the content of it.

When somebody makes that sort of complaint, the style becomes content.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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