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Anton Kavalenka anton.k at tut.by
Tue Jan 22 19:16:44 CET 2013

On 22.01.2013 21:11, zeljko wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 of January 2013 19:04:43 Anton Kavalenka wrote:
>> On 22.01.2013 20:56, zeljko wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 22 of January 2013 18:52:31 Anton Kavalenka wrote:
>>>> Dear Lazarus developers!
>>>> I'm examining the problem disturbing me for years.
>>>> GTK2 applications provide thread-safety using internal mutexes passed
>>>> through gdk_thread_init()
>>>> And it works.
>>>> Pure X-Applcation does so (orders X-messages per-thread) using
>>>> XInitThreads at early start of application.
>>>> And it also works
>>>> But GTK Widgetset uses pure Xlib calls for determining keyboard states.
>>>> Xlib thread-safety is not initialized in GTK2 widgetset.
>>>> IMO the problem half-way to resolve - either not use Xlib calls (pure
>>>> GTK2,3 - it is threadsafe) or make GTK and Xlib interoperable.
>>>> Or block GTK calls until Xlib call returned.
>>> Feel free to provide patch.
>>> zeljko
>> I'd like to, but i'm not a great expert in X - so i've subscribed to the
>> list to discuss.
>> using XinitThreads at start of the program blocks GTK painting.
>> Forms are shown, but no text output.
>> So - no way to alter XLib internals. The only way - to initialize GTK
>> threading in a way compatibel with X.
> So no way to use critical sections while calling xlib directly ?
> Can you open an issue and attach example ?
> z.

They say - there is a way

Xlib provides two groups of functions for multi-thread use:

    /* Thread-safety for global data */
    Status XInitThreads(void);

    /* Thread-safety for an individual display */
    void XLockDisplay(Display *display);
    void XUnlockDisplay(Display *display);

GNOMErs blame Xlib

I'll try to provide example.

Actually GUI does not need the multhreading.
But rendering into TBimap invokes Xlib calls as side effects.
So no way to compose off-screen.


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