[Lazarus] Daily snapshots

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Fri Jan 25 10:39:03 CET 2013

Antonio Fortuny wrote:
> Hi again.
> On the download sites I always see for Linux downloads:

In fairness, that's the "Daily Snapshot" page, not the "Download" page. 
Rather more serious is that the last update on the explanatory wiki page 
was in 2011.

> 1. Lazarus (needs fpc and fpc-src)
> followed by lazarus-1.1.39945-20130124.laz.x86_64.rpm 65Mo
> then
> 2. Lazarus fixes (needs fpc and fpc-src)
> followed by lazarus- 63Mo
> What is the subtle difference between them ?

Look at the version numbers: 1.1 is trunk, 1.0.5 is stable+fixes (the 
main download page is 1.0.4 so hasn't quite caught up). Choose and keep 

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