[Lazarus] TStringGrid.AutoEdit and options

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Sun Jan 27 18:43:55 CET 2013

On Sunday 27 of January 2013 18:27:26 Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jan 2013, Martin wrote:
> > I am not sure that the behaviour is always well defined. Unless there is
> > documentation, and the implementation tries to match that documentation.
> I had the same impression when using the stringgrid. Lots of features, but
> seemingly historically grown...
> >> As to goEditing: it seems to act as ReadOnly does in other controls.
> >> If so (I might be wrong) then why not replace it with ReadOnly property?
> > 
> > Don't. It wil lbreak lfm reading.
> Just let ReadOnly getter/setter include/exclude goEditing ?

No there's no ReadOnly (afair from D7 and K3). Besides goEditing there's also 
goAlwaysShowEditor, so how do to handle ReadOnly property with goEditing and 

> I believe it is so in several Delphi grids ? (but would need to check).

But why look into Delphi grids when our TStringGrid is not compatibile with 
Delphi one :) (missing TInplaceEditor, missing a lot of routines).
My proposal (no need to hurry with this :) )  write TStringGrid from stratch 
(using current implementation mostly) to be 100% compatibile with Delphi (and 
it can be since it's TCustomControl ... we'll in Delphi it's TWinControl + 
it's own grid scrollbars, but under LCL we can do the same thing if needed) 
then create TLazStringGrid with current lazarus features and complications.
OR add TInplaceEditor to current implementation and missing routines (I'll be 
glad to do that, but no spare time).


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