[Lazarus] TStringGrid.AutoEdit and options

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Jan 28 00:52:52 CET 2013

On 27/01/2013 23:35, Jesus Reyes wrote:
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>> On 27/01/2013 11:50, Martin wrote:
>>> TStringGrid has:
>>> - property AutoEdit:Boolean
>>> - Options eoGoEdit
>>> - Options eoAlwaysShowEditor
>>> I figured some behavioural differences with the
>> options.
>>> But I can set AutoEdit True/False nothing changes. What
>> does it do? Or
>>> what Should it do?
>>> Laz 1.1 SVN from 26th Jan / fpc 2.6.0 / Win Vista 32
>> bit
>> There also is a none public property FastEditing: Boolean
>> So there are 16 different settings. How to they all differ?
> goEditing: makes the grid editable or not (some will say it's equivalent to a readonly property)
ok, so that is the main option, that must be set , or all others do 
nothing. (was my guess)

> goAlwaysShowEditor: if the grid is editable as its name say it will make the editor always visible, no effect if the grid is not editable.
that one is obvious too, and seems to be prioritized over "AutoEdit" := 

> as for AutoEdit, normally if the grid is editable clicking a selected cell will popup the cell editor, that's for AutoEdit=true and is what delphi stringgrid does, if you set AutoEdit=false editor will not pop up on clicking a selected cell, I forgot the reason this was added but as the Lazarus stringgrid allows range selection on editable grids, this may help in this case.
Ok, that one was not easy to figure. thanks.

See the bug report on how those settings have side effects on the cursor 

> except with eoAlwaysShowEditor and a selection of the first 3 of 5 
> chars, cursor right stays in the cell, while cursor left goes to 
> neighbour cell. (without eoAlwaysShowEditor both cursor keys change cell)

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