[Lazarus] Fatal: Can't find unit system used by Lazarus

Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Mon Jan 28 09:58:51 CET 2013

Le 25/01/2013 09:42, Mattias Gaertner a écrit :
> Antonio Fortuny <a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu> hat am 25. Januar 2013 um 09:07
> geschrieben:
>> Yes, again.
>> Hi Folks.
>> On a Linux OpenSuse x86_64, Lazarus 1.1 37432 31/05/2012, FPC 2.6.0
>> After a successful compilation of Indy 10.5.9 package (latest SVN
>> source) when trying to install it: BOUM !
>> All packages up to SQLDBLaz have been compiled OK
>> Fatal: Can't find unit system used by Lazarus
>> while Lazarus was compiling itself.
>> Removing the package from the installation list does not help.
>> In a Win32 compilation and intallation of the same package was a success
>> I'm almost sure that this error has been reported some time ago but Im
>> not able to find it.
>> Any ideas ?
> Maybe you mixed two Lazarus?
> If yes:
> Close IDE.
> Delete ~/.lazarus/bin and ~/.lazarus/packagefiles.xml.
> Start IDE and build it clean.
doesn't work: still asks for system unit not available
I've installed 1.0.4 along with FPC 2.6.0: rpm's, under sudo rpm -ivh...
First launch: asks to downgrade parameters from 1.1 to 1.0, OK.
Some packages (outide of Lazarus and FPC folders) recompiled clean
So far so good
lazdaemon about to be installed:

complie it: BOUM !
Write error: Unable to create  file 

tools-configure build lazarus:
Optimized IDe, gtk2, verbose, clea up automatically, restart after 
build, confirm before build, no update revision
Button Build:  BOUM !
same error as above

After installation under sudo, all folders and files have root as owner 
and all folders have permission rwxr-xr-x, same for executable files
It sounds good for Linux permissions but a normal user can't rebuild the 
IDE, right ?
Something to do with permissions (chown, chmod) ?
So what's next, doctor ?


> Mattias
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