[Lazarus] [Announcement] Castle Game Engine 4.0.0 release for FPC game developers

Alexsander Rosa alexsander.rosa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 12:11:13 CET 2013

Congrats, excellent project!

2013/1/26 Michalis Kamburelis <michalis.kambi at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I would like to announce a release of Castle Game Engine 4.0.0, an
> open-source cross-platform 3D game engine for Object Pascal (only
> FPC/Lazarus):
>   http://castle-engine.**sourceforge.net/news.php?id=**release-4.0.0<http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/news.php?id=release-4.0.0>
> I'm letting myself post an announcement to lazarus and fpc-pascal mailing
> lists, as this engine release is really directed at ObjectPascal
> developers: we finally have a nice high-level game engine API, it's
> possible to make a 3D game really trivially easy, and everything is also
> very flexible. We also have a lot of new engine documentation (tutorial,
> classes overview etc.) and useful examples.
> The engine reads many 3D model formats, focusing on VRML/X3D standards (so
> you can make 3D models in pretty much every 3D modeling software), but also
> supporting Collada and other popular formats. We use OpenGL for graphics,
> and we have many eye-candy features (shadows, mirrors, bump mapping, screen
> effects, shaders etc.). The engine is basically integrated into Lazarus
> (you can drop TCastleContol, and a couple of non-visual components, on the
> Lazarus form), although it can also be used without LCL (we have our own
> TCastleWindow). The engine license is modified LGPL (same license as FPC
> RTL), so you can make both open- and closed-source games with it.
> We welcome developers that want to use our engine, and/or contribute of
> course :) If you want to make a game using our engine, give it a try :)
> Links to downloads and documentation are on
>   http://castle-engine.**sourceforge.net/engine.php<http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/engine.php>
> Links to our tools and old games are on the main page,
> http://castle-engine.**sourceforge.net/<http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/>.
> Regards,
> Michalis
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Alexsander da Rosa
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