[Lazarus] Fatal: Can't find unit system used by Lazarus

Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Mon Jan 28 15:59:15 CET 2013

>> A simple project compiles ok, but a shared library outputs this:
>> /usr/bin/ld: warning: /home/sources/release/link.res contains output
>> sections; did you forget -T?
>> /usr/bin/ld:
>> /usr/lib64/lazarus/components/lazutils/lib/x86_64-linux/lazutf8.o:
>> relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.data' can not be used when making a
>> shared object; recompile with -fPIC
>> /usr/lib64/lazarus/components/lazutils/lib/x86_64-linux/lazutf8.o: could
>> not read symbols: Bad value
>> SitaUdfLib.lpr(11) Error: Error while linking
>> but in project options, other, there are:
>> -fPIC
>> -dFPC_PIC
> According to the documentation units in a library must be compiled with
> -Cg (=-fPIC). Maybe all units must be compiled with this flag?
> Maybe you can ask on the fpc list.
No need. In the forum history I did found the answer: I've already 
posted a message about the same subject and found the answer myself. 
It's all OK
So, programs and shared libraries compile nicely as far as they do not 
use the packages I would like to use
> Mattias
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