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2013/1/30 Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org>

On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, silvioprog wrote:

2013/1/30 Tobias Diekershoff <tobias.diekershoff at gmx.net>

      Dear list,

What exactly have you changed?, I took your code, put it in a new 'program' project (so no LCL dependency) added powerpdf requirement, compiled and it worked without changes....?? PowerPDF has been always be able to work in console mode programs 
. Or perhaps console programs not always can be a cgi program? this I don't know.

Perfectly. IMHO, PowerPDF is well modeled, separated by layers. My changes uses pure FCL. :)


Do you think the basics could be included in the standard FPC distribution ?

I don't know, a part of PowerPDF do not requires LCL a part it does, how good would it be splitting it? just because a part of it is supposed to work in the Lazarus IDE I prefer to have it in Lazarus rather than in FPC. It is not currently in Lazarus because, on contrary to the guys of FastReport, Inc. in the case of LazReport, the original author never replied to the petition to change PowerPDF licence to modified LGPL.
There are some things to be improved in PowerPDF:
. Native support to PNG images; (I'm working on this)

. Use a new version of PDF (at least 1.4);. FlateDecode support; (I'm studying this right now). Removes LCL dependences; (I'm studying this right now)

Great, FlatDecode is already supported though, looking forward your improvements.
I was thinking of creating a fork and work on it, but if these new changes can be implemented PowerPDF and distributed in FPC, I would be very happy. :)

Well, if you plan to work on PowerPDF and change it in a way that it would serve only to your purposes, you can do it of course, if not, why don't ask for permissions to work directly on the ccr repository?

Jesus Reyes A.

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