[Lazarus] Accents in IDE and my apps

Éderson Cássio ederson_cassio at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jul 7 20:22:53 CEST 2013

When I type accented letters in the IDE or in my forms, they appear 
duplicated: áá êê íí õõ üü ...

Searching the bugtracker, I found 

It seems to be a GTK2 problem, in the CheckDeadKey procedure 

I tried to comment out such code and replace the call by a single call 
to gtk_im_context_filter_keypress. It solved the duplication problem but 
I can't type an accent key (a dead key) in one control, and after type 
the letter in other control. It's not a big problem to me, but it's a 
pattern in applications behavior.

Does anybody know how can I contact someone in the development  team and 
talk about this? I'd like to help to improve the GTK2 support, but I'm a 
newbie about this...
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