[Lazarus] Behavior of Lazarus windows CE seems to differ from the windows mobile behavior

"Arí Ricardo Ody" aro52 at gmx.com
Sun Jul 28 22:43:46 CEST 2013

I have a totally stable and high reliable Lazarus for windows mobile application. Some days ago I was inquired about this application by a firm who rents lots of windows CE handhelds. They offer me to test my application in a Windows CE handheld.

I tried. The application starts with no run time errors. The screen appears out of the handheld's screen. I saw only the left side of the screen. When I tried with a simple application that gets the files directories of the main application, it appears minimized and doesn't allow maximize. I must kill it with windows CE warm boot.

I'm using Lazarus 0.9.30 'cause the full screen routine is in trouble in the versions 1.0.X and later.

May someone here had an experience with this matter and can give me tips about what's wrong ?

Greetings from São paulo - Brazil

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