[Lazarus] Improper initialization of manged types

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 21:55:18 CEST 2013

Thanks for the feedback Sean.

What's happening is I have a laptop with removable hard drive. I had done
development for a few weeks on a drive with a 64-bit Linux OS installed
using a 64-bit build of FPC. Now that I have completed my milestones I am
preparing to publish updates, but before doing so I am switching hard
drives to boot to a different OS and recompile/test my work. The purpose of
which is to ensure my project runs the same as my original tests on 32-bit
Linux, 64-Bit Windows, and 32-bit Windows.

Using the same compiler sources, and library sources, when I attempt to
recompile on 32-bit Linux with FPC built and configured to use 32-bit
Linux, I am seeing errors such as those I described in my original post,
that is access violations caused by garbage references when using managed

So to answer your post, I am experiencing these issues when building 32-bit
test applications on 32-bit Linux, while I had not experienced these issues
on a 64-bit Linux with FPC building 64-bit test applications.

I guess what I am going to do now is take another hard drive and do a fresh
32-bit Linux install, copy my sources, and rebuild the FPC compiler with
the same sources along with my libraries (the dependencies) and see if
these same problems persist. I've done enough testing and attempted to fix
this issue on 32-bit Linux and have run out of ways to work around this
problem, though I doubt this will fix the issue :( help!
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