[Lazarus] Lazarus, Jedi etc.

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Jul 13 16:01:56 CEST 2013

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 12:38:39PM +0000, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> Elsewhere, somebody's posted this:
> "But we already own Delphi XE2. My understanding is that Lazarus is 
> still clunky compared with Delf at basic IDE-and-forms stuff; Lazarus 
> doesn't support key familiar libraries that we rely on to slap together 
> the basic elements (Jedi, Virtual Treeview, <cough> Quickreport...), so 
> Laz's connectivity to MySQL doesn't really enter into the equation."
> Can anybody comment on the extent to which this is still fair comment, 
> so that I can feed *accurate* facts back?

As far as I know 
- Indy works. Except maybe on WinCE (unconfirmed)
- Zeos works
- Synapse works
- dcpcrypt works
- tcomport works
- many turbopower components work.
- VST is in Lazarus-CCR, but an older v4 version. VST porting is hindered by
  not accepting changes (like a sane IFDEF system) upstream, which makes
  every port an one off change.
- Jedi is too vague. Probably they mean JVCL, but it is a very large mix
  of packages and functionality. Some of which is horribly OS specific or
  worse (like the traceback stuff relying on Embarcadero's debugformat).
  Parts of JVCL have been ported (CCR), and I have compiled large parts of
  the Jedi JCL. There is also a lot of duplicate functionality (relative
  to packages in there).

paid stuff

- Fastreport has a Lazarus version.
- teechar

With a bit of good will, a lot can be done. But don't try to convince people
that don't have a strong motivation (like a desire to be multiplatform). It
is usually a waste of time, and it only forces their defenses up.

In time probably we will have to do what code typhon tries to do
 and at least start adding a handful of crucial components (like the free
stuff above). But in a more transparent an less ad-hoc manor than CT.
Quality, not quantity.

This will probably make it easier to communicate with upstream.

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