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Hi Henry

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> If it really is so bad, why have so many developers- in particularly
> > web developers- clasped it to their bosom?
> Probably not, no, given that it's used by wikipedia, google, twitter,
> etc.  It just seems like Graeme and Michael are complaining that it
> doesn't default to strict mode (i.e. traditional mode in mysql
> parlance).  Lots of credibility lost if people rant about something that
>  they can actually configure the way they like.

Of the three examples updates happen relatively infrequently on wikipedia,
so transactional integrity is not really important at all.
And in both the other examples speed, rather than data integrity, is the
priority (i.e. if google misses a search result or two, does it really
matter? or if I miss a tweet now and then, does it really matter?). Speed
is important, however for these applications. This is where mySQL shines.

Michael Schnell <mschnell at lumino.de>
> I seem to find out that this discussion is about experts making fun on
> each other, just wasting some bandwidth :-) .
I hope not! It really depends on what you want from the DB. If speed,
rather than data integrity is your priority, then mySQL is a good choice
(plus part of LAMP : although here I would advise you to use Python rather
than PHP). But if you are working with financial data, it is a really bad
idea and you need a proper RDMS.

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