[Lazarus] "Can not find <package unit> used by Lazarus"

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Tue Jul 16 21:49:10 CEST 2013

On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 14:06:50 -0500
Kenneth Cochran <kenneth.cochran at gmail.com> wrote:

> Using Lazarus 1.0.10 on Windows 7 64-bit. The IDE appears to be running as
> a 32-bit application in case that makes a difference.
> I am working on my first package and it compiles fine but whenever I
> attempt to install it using either the "Installed Packages" or "Package
> Editor" dialogs I get the following message
> PPU Loading ..\ideextensions\lib\i386-win32\ideextensions.ppu
> PPU Source: ideextensions.pas not found
> Recompiling ideextensions, checksum changed for ide

I hope you did not add the package 'ide' to the requirements of
your package. The package 'ide' is only for testing purpose.
You should use the package IDEIntf instead.

> (1,1) Fatal: Can not find ideextensions used by Lazarus,
> ppu=..\ideextensions\lib\i386-win32\ideextensions.ppu, package ideextensions
> I shortened the path to '..' for brevity's sake. The actual path in the
> error message is a subfolder in my Windows user profile. The unit it's
> looking for (ideextensions.pas) appears to be created and maintained by the
> IDE whenever you add or remove dependencies using the package editor. I am
> certain it exists exactly where the IDE put it.
> This is a brand new package with all package options set at the default.
> What could be causing this? Can anyone else reproduce this behavior?


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