[Lazarus] [SPAM] - Re: THTTPApplication does not close the TCP Connection

Jansen, Dirk DJansen at mmcgmbh.de
Wed Jul 17 15:47:11 CEST 2013

> > I tested a simple http application and found that the
> > does not close the connection.
> >
> > A normal web server always close the connection after sending the
> page but this webserver does not close the connection. As a result of 
> this every second request from a web browser (Firefox, IE) does not 
> work. The browser starts the request than it waits for a very long
> If you interrupt the browser and start a new request you get an

> That is not correct.

> In HTTP 1.1 The browser sends a HTTP header which determines if the
connection should be closed or not.

> Secondly, THTTPApplication is an apache module. There it is apache
which determines what happens to the 
> connection, not the FPC code.

The THTTPApplication is part of the standalone "HTTP server Application"
(default project) of the weblazextra package. There is no apache server

There is no difference if I user http 1.0, http 1.1 or if I set
"Connection: close".

It is also impossible to send a second request over the open connection.

I just created an empty HTTP server Application project, defined an
default action and tested this with 
  telnet localhost 8080
  GET / HTTP/1.0


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