[Lazarus] Cross compiler

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 31 18:05:13 CEST 2013

On 31.07.2013 16:05, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
> Hi Sven.
> Finally I've got a functional new cross compiler compiled.
> Now I have two folders for fpc compiler: the one downloaded along with
> lazarus and the new cross compiler one build by me.
> After Lazarus is installed, I launch it and it display the very first
> configuration screen for fpc compiler & sources;
> For sources, no problem, but for the compiler le combobox shows three
> possibilities in the newly created directory:
> ppcx64,
> ppcross386
> ppcrossx64

Did you do a "make install" in the end? If so that should have build a 
"fpc" binary as well which should be located in the "bin" (on *nix 
systems) or "i386-win32\bin" (on Win32) or "x86_64-win64\bin" (on Win64) 
directory. This "fpc" binary is the compiler driver which allows you 
(and Lazarus) to select a different target platform using the "-P" 
argument (which is utilized by Lazarus when you change the platform).


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