[Lazarus] New bug with codetools files

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue May 14 22:22:35 CEST 2013

Mattias, I filed a which I am pretty sure this bug is in your wheelhouse. I
think it's being causes by codetools and some newer language enhancements.
I took a look at fixing the problem myself and couldn't make any progress.
here is a summary of what's going on.

This bug curiously in not present when using Lazarus on Windows

I am preparing a multi-platform open source free pascal game library for
the forthcoming SDL 2.0. The toolkit is called Bare Game and in it I have a
unit tree with like this:



The problem is that units like Bare.Graphics and Bare.Networking cause
codetools to stop working (and in units under those units) and you are
taken to what it thinks are error points constantly. Basically, you are
 taken to an error point if you try to invoke code insight by pressing ctrl
+ space in any of those units or any unit underneath. Also you cannot ctrl
+ left click to navigate to any types/functions/identifiers in those units.

Again this issue is curious because it does not occur on Windows builds of

Mattias, if you could look into this issue I'd very much appreciate it. The
only thing I have left to do with my project before the first release is
fixing some documentation. I have this bug on my sites known issues list
and would love to take it off (because it makes coding with this library on
Linux difficult).

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