[Lazarus] TextHeight in Console App

Edilson Vieira vieira.edilson at gmail.com
Tue May 14 16:15:57 CEST 2013

2013/5/14 leledumbo <leledumbo_cool at yahoo.co.id>

> >  'Project TextHeight raised exception "External SIGSEGV" in file
> '.\include\lclintf.inc' at line 184.'
> What's there? It's part of lcl, so look for the file in lcl folder.
function RawImage_QueryDescription(AFlags: TRawImageQueryFlags; var ADesc:
TRawImageDescription): Boolean;
  *Result := WidgetSet.RawImage_QueryDescription(AFlags, ADesc);*

The error ocurr at this line ( Result ...).

I have no idea how to solve it.

thx for replying!

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