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2013/5/17 Sven Barth <pascaldragon at googlemail.com>

>   I tried with CROSSOPT="-CfSOFT -OoFASTMATH -CpARMV7A" and it works!
> Lazarus can build ARMV7A projects, but no luck with VFPV3.
> Thinking about it a bit the problem is not the compiler or the units, but
> the settings in Lazarus. If you compiled the RTL with VFPV3 and ARMV7A you
> also need to apply these settings to other units you compile (the compiler
> won't set them automatically). So you either need to add "-CfSOFT
> -CpARMV7A" (and "-OoFASTMATH" if you need it...) to your project settings,
> the settings of all packages you use and the IDE settings which are used to
> recompile the FCLLaz and LCL packages or you add the options to your
> fpc.cfg in an "IFDEF CPUARM ... ENDIF" block.

Thank you for reply, but I'm already doing this... as I wrote in my latest

"Everytime, I recompile FPC with relative options (erasing old compiled
arm-android units) and edit relative project parameters, e.g.:

project->project options-> Other-> -CfSOFT -OoFASTMATH -CpARMV6

This works well.

project->project options-> Other-> -CfVFPV2 -OoFASTMATH -CpARMV7A

This doesn't work."

So, it always works with -CfSOFT (armv6 or armv7a), but never with
-CfVFPV2, -CfVFPV3, -CfVFPV3_D16, etc

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