[Lazarus] porting delphi project code

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Tue May 21 16:56:22 CEST 2013

On 5/16/2013 02:11, Reinier Olislagers wrote:
> On 15-5-2013 20:19, waldo kitty wrote:
>> can someone please give me the steps, in simple layman's terms, that are
>> needed to convert a delphi project or application code to Lazarus/FPC? i
>> have never run delphi and have not the first clue other than there is
>> some sort of convertor available... where it is and how to use it are
>> completely unknown to myself...
> The wiki helps as usual:
> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Delphi_Converter_in_Lazarus

in this case, it does not... it seems to be out of date, as well... the picture 
of the "Convert Delphi Settings" dialogue shows four targets but what i have 
shows only two... mine are

   Cross-platform (checked)
   Support Delphi (unchecked)
   Use the same DFM form file (greyed out)

> Suggest more people try it ;)

it is ok for what it is but it doesn't help all the time... my conversion 
project is not going too well at this point... i followed the above link to the 
wiki and it helped a little bit but it fell short as it only explains about the 
options in that one area but nothing else is discussed (eg: what to do when 
StdCtrls cannot be found)...

so i searched for "delphi stdctrls" and found a section in the FAQ but it, too, 
falls short... again, possibly out of date??

When accessing events of objects, e.g., the onclick event of a button, I get the 
following error. ERROR unit not found: stdCtrls

Make sure, in the Project -> Project Inspector, that your project depends on the 
package "LCL" and that you have installed the FPC sources.

Lazarus is the IDE and the visual components library LCL. All other stuff, like 
IO, Database, FCL and RTL are provided by FPC. The IDE needs the paths to all 

The FPC source path can be set via: Environment -> Environment Options -> Files 
-> FPC source directory

1. i don't have a project yet... i'm trying to convert a delphi project to a 
lazarus project.

2. about the source path... i believe it is already set correctly but the above 
"Environment -> Environment Options -> Files -> FPC source directory" does not 
appear in my lazarus ide that i can find... i have "Tools -> Options -> 
Environment -> Files -> FPC Source Directory" and it is set to 
"C:\freepascal\fpc\2.6.0\" where my SVN installation of FPC is installed...

so now what? :confused:

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