[Lazarus] ANN: New free pascal library released based on SDL 2.0

duilio foschi duiliofoschi at euplan.com
Thu May 23 12:46:50 CEST 2013


A cosmetic bug in the main page of the site
How Everything is Orgranized

should be (of course)
How Everything is Organized


2013/5/23 Kjow <antispammoni at gmail.com>

> 2013/5/23 Anthony Walter <sysrpl at gmail.com>
>> I've been working on this project for more than a month and against my
>> better judgement I'm posting a link. I thought maybe this long holiday
>> weekend some people somewhere might look at it and give me some feedback
>> (watch the video):
>> http://www.baregame.org/
>> Hint: It's a class library written around SDL 2.0 and includes an
>> installer as well as recent binaries of SDL 2.0 for 32/64 bit Windows an
>> Linux.
>> If you look at the site, please bear in mind i haven't had time to write
>> up everything yet. Let me know what you think.
> WOW!
> Awesome, I will try it soon!
> Kjow
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