[Lazarus] [ANN] fpCEF3

dev.dliw at gmail.com dev.dliw at gmail.com
Sat May 25 18:23:48 CEST 2013

A 'small' addition:

Windows is supported now.

Overall it seems to be much more stable than the Linux version, up to now I 
had no crashes.
[ Win XP  (VirtualBox) and Wine on Linux]

Currently it needs to be compiled without -WG (so you have this ugly cmd 
window) - this will change as soon as I don't need debug info output any more.

The only thing that needs improvement is the string handling (allocation / 
conversion to TCefString),
currently I assume strings contain ASCII only - there are problems with non-
ASCII chars - but I wasn't able to get UnicodeString working on Linux and 
debugging was horribly time consuming.
So I'll first try to switch to Widestrings on Windows.

Anyway - I' would be happy to get some feedback...


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