[Lazarus] [WINCE] Please stop generate debug file.

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun May 26 12:47:50 CEST 2013

On 26/05/2013 06:48, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:
> Yes, the code needs to be rewritten. It was written before a system
> was created to allow widgetsets to override debugln. It also needs a
> variable in the widgetset class to allow the user to choose if he
> wants the log or not.

but the code in lclproc.pas is no longer used.

LazLogger is unesd instead. LCLProc just forwards to LazLogger

And it has a widgetset-hook
And it can be disabled in app or at compile time

> TWinControl.DoDockClientMsg DockPanel:TPanel 
> Control=MobileWelcomeForm:TMobileWelcomeForm 
> DestRect=l=579,t=102,r=819,b=550
> TWinControl.DoDockClientMsg DockPanel:TPanel 
> Control=OpenMapForm:TOpenMapForm DestRect=l=823,t=420,r=1063,b=720
> TWinControl.DoUnDockClientMsg DockPanel:TPanel 
> Client=MobileWelcomeForm:TMobileWelcomeForm Client.Parent=DockPanel:TPanel
> TWinControl.DoRemoveDockClient DockPanel:TPanel 
> MobileWelcomeForm:TMobileWelcomeForm
> TWinControl.DoUnDockClientMsg DockPanel:TPanel 
> Client=OpenMapForm:TOpenMapForm Client.Parent=DockPanel:TPanel
> TWinControl.DoRemoveDockClient DockPanel:TPanel OpenMapForm:TOpenMapForm

I checked some of them, in trunk they are IFDEFed. So they should not occur
      {$IFDEF VerboseDocking}

If they are not ifdefed in fixes, then someone needs to do an svn blame, 
find the revision, and if nothing else changed in that revision then it 
can be merged. If otherstuff changed, a patch for fixes branch can be 

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