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Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Tue Nov 5 11:14:55 CET 2013

Hi Folks.

I've a problem with the TComponent.ComponentCount. Lazarus 1.0.12, FPC 
2.6.2, WIn Vista32
Onto a TForm, at design time, I drop a TPanel (named MyPanel). Into 
MyPanel I drop half a dozen inside TPanel's.
These have been dropped doing: 1.)select MyPanel first, 2.) then drop 
inside TPamel).
When I move the MyPanel, all inside panels move too.
At runtime, when in the TForm.CreateForm event I execute a
     wCount := ComponentCount;
displays 15 which is the total components count onto the form, 
irrespective of the containers
     wCount := MyPanel.componentCount;
wCount appears to be 0 (zero) :-\   as if MyPanel wasn't a container 
(Parent property didn't work at design time ?)
Some lines later, after having dynamically created 6 Tpanels inside the 
MyPanel I do (still in Create event):
     wCount := MyPanel.componentCount;
which gives 6 as count which is the number of TPanel's added
     wCount := ComponentCount;
whish shows 15, the initial TForm.ComponentCount
This time, at form level wCount is exactly the number of components onto 
the form irrespective of the containers wich
Some time lated into the MyForm.OnShow event I display again the counts:
     wCount := MyPanel.componentCount; shows 6
     wCount := ComponentCount; shows 15: same as in the beginning, where 
are gone the 6 dynamically added panels ?
This leads me to assume that, at design time, the main form appears to 
be the parent of all newly dropped TComponent descendants. Right ?
Did I miss something ?

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