[Lazarus] Can't enter negative values in to TFloatSpinEdit

Valdas Jank┼źnas zmuogs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 20:36:02 CET 2013


- os: Linux Kubuntu 13.10;
- Lazarus: Lazarus 1.3 r43416M FPC 2.6.2 x86_64-linux-qt;
- locale: LANG=lt_LT.UTF-8, LANGUAGE=lt, LC_*="lt_LT.UTF-8", LC_ALL=
- Form's WS: qt;
- on Form is placed TFloatSpinEdit (Max:100, Min:-100).

  When program is running I can't enter negative values:
- select all, pres minus sign button (hex: 2D) - minus appears, press 
any digit - no reaction;
- select all, press any digit - digits appears;
- select all, paste (Right click -> Paste) "-4" prom text editor - 
nothing changes;
- select all, paste "3" from editor - text accepted.

  Why? Is it known problem?

   Valdas Jank┼źnas

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