[Lazarus] Lazarus 1.2 RC1

Samuel Herzog sam_herzog at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 19:31:35 CET 2013


just to let you know.
I opened all 110 projects in the examples folder and tried to compile them. (on win xp sp1)
Congratulation, there were only a very few projects with problems:

checkbox:        Problem with writlen in TForm1.CheckBoxClick    Runerror 103    File not open
speedtest:        S := TFileStream.Create('../images/penguin.xpm', fmOpenRead);     missing file penguin.xpm    Unable to open file
canvastest:      Rotate image does not look ok.    Press „Show Image Dialog“ and then „Rotate Image“    
dbeditmask:      problem on startup.     12/09/2003 is not a valid date format    
grid_semaphor:  problem when opening lfm, because some components must be installed before.        
lazfreetypetest:  problem on startup. Exception „can not activate“        Line 249 in ttfile.pas    cannot open font (TT_Error 8) „arial.ttf“

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