[Lazarus] TFindDialog

Chavoux Luyt chavoux at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 08:18:03 CET 2013

Hi everybody

I think I am missing something, but reading through the TFindDialog
help file I still cannot figure it out: How do I specify which text
(or component) must be searched?

What I actually want to do, is to search through all files in a
directory for a specific string (the one in FindDialog.FindText) (The
current open file is in a TlpHtmlPanel).

Currently I am calling a TAsyncProcess in order to open a console and
run grep from the commandline, but there must be a better way? Even if
I have to open all the files one by one in an invisible TMemo to
search through each one. Or is there a way to pipe the output of a
TAsyncProcess (grep) back into a TMemo?


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