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Anton Kavalenka anton.k at tut.by
Wed Nov 6 14:41:07 CET 2013

On 06.11.2013 15:39, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
> Hi Folks.
> Currently I can extract any Windows program version as far as it has 
> been compilerd on a Win platform using either Delphi or Lazarus.
> I can do the same on a Linux program on a Linux platform as fas as far 
> as the version has been embedde somewhere in the elf.
> So fa, so good.
> But do you now any method for a program running on a Linux platform to 
> extract the version of a Window compiled program ? And vice-versa ?
> Al  I know about this is that the version is embedded somwhere into a 
> resource into the executable
> Is it right if I assume that executable program signatures are
> Windows: first two bytes of the file are "MZ".
> Linux: first 4 bytes of the file are $7F'ELF'
> Antonio
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The unit versionresource is part of package fcl-res

Unit allow x-platform version resource extraction and parsing.
Stream := TResourceStream.CreateFromID(hMod, 1, PChar(RT_VERSION));
  with res do
       case it of

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