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Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 6 15:52:42 CET 2013

Am 06.11.2013 15:46, schrieb Anton Kavalenka:
> On 06.11.2013 17:39, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
>> Le 06/11/2013 14:41, Anton Kavalenka a écrit :
>>> The unit versionresource is part of package fcl-res
>> I already use it for Linux with a Linux executable file
>>> Unit allow x-platform version resource extraction and parsing.
>>> rsrc:=TVersionResource.Create;
>>> Stream := TResourceStream.CreateFromID(*hMod*, 1, PChar(RT_VERSION));
>> What's *hMod *stands for ? Looks like a pointer of so (PtrUint)
> Handle of EXE (hInstance) or .SO hMod:=Loadlibrary(dll_name);
Which is not what Antonio needs, because he wants to access a PE 
executable on Linux and an ELF executable on Windows.

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