[Lazarus] IDE problems - FIXED

brian brian at meadows.pair.com
Thu Nov 28 13:31:40 CET 2013

On 11/28/2013 05:08 AM, Martin Frb wrote:
> On 28/11/2013 08:38, brian wrote:
>> On 11/26/2013 04:02 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>>> Run diff (e.g. kdiff3) on the old and new configuration files. Report
>>> back.
>> Sorry for the delayed reply, now programming is just a hobby, my
>> wife has other ideas about how I should spend my time... :(
>> Anyway, everything is local, my desktop is XFCE.
>> Checking the old and new directories, these are the directory listings
>> Old setup (showing the problem)
> Problem is that your main window (ide bar) is maximized. I just
> tested, I get the same error under fedora with xfce
> - Start IDE
> - maximize main-ide-bar
> - restart
> To fix: un-maximize
> Also notable: The maximize IDE bar should be restrained in high, but
> it is not. Though that may be ok, since the WM may override the LCL
> decision.

I've just tried it myself, Martin, and I confirm your findings. Thank 
you for solving the problem. Now, of course, I just have to figure out 
*HOW* the IDE bar got maximised, because as I said in my original 
posting, it appeared totally spontaneous. The first indication I had 
was in the middle of a debugging session when suddenly everything but 
the source window disappeared. If there's any way of maximising the 
IDE bar with the F7 and F8 keys then it's news to me!


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