[Lazarus] Added PascalScriptFCL.lpk and PascalScriptLCL.lpk in official repository of PascalScript

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Oct 1 15:14:09 CEST 2013

On 25/09/2013 04:33, silvioprog wrote:
> Hello,
> Now PascalScript has two packages, one that uses only the FCL(1) and 
> another that uses the LCL(2).
> Can you update it in Lazarus too? (lazarus\components\pascalscript)

I looked at it. But currently, it looks like it may cause problems.

Both packages share the same folders, that can lead to conflicts.

e.g. the LCL part, when getting compiled, will find the pas sources and 
recompile them, instead of using the ppu. Then if anything would use the 
fcl part, timestamps would be changed, and stuff recompiled.

So far this would only only lead to a few units compiled twice.... But I 
suspect there is a danger, that if changes are made to a file, it may 
not trigger a recompile of all the dependencies.,
That would mean that after updating from svn, it may happen that some 
ppu are not rebuild, and the result is an unstable executable.

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