[Lazarus] lazarus not freeing all memory

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sun Oct 20 17:05:17 CEST 2013

i've been seeing this for a while and have only just now gotten around to 
reporting it... i saw it on my w2k box which is dead now... both this system and 
that one are/were running identical setups as far as FPC and Lazarus go...

   Lazarus 1.3 r42488 FPC 2.7.1 r25797 i386-win32-win32/win64

the following is from starting lazarus with a default blank project and 
immediately closing lazarus... nothing else is done at all...

Heap dump by heaptrc unit
771193 memory blocks allocated : 74180082/76188624
771194 memory blocks freed     : 74180147/76188696
1 unfreed memory blocks : 144
True heap size : 720896 (128 used in System startup)
True free heap : 720512
Should be : 720448

it is always at least one block and most of the time of 144 size...

i would post what is in my debug log except that the command line i've been 
using since years

   lazarus --debug-log=lazdbg1.log

doesn't seem to be working any more since i added "-dHEAPTRC_WINDOW" to my build 
options when building lazarus... how can i re-enable this while keeping the 
heaptrc window or do i need the heaptrc window if i can get it all written to a 
log file? i don't know how to do that :/

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