[Lazarus] Help: OS X Problems

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 02:56:14 CET 2013

Could someone look at screenshots of two problems I'm having on a new OS X
system? I'm trying to configure it for trunk fpc and near trunk lazarus

What's going on

I installed Xcode with command line tools and used macports to install gdb.

I installed fpc 2.6.2 for OS X from source forge and used it to build fpc
trunk without any problems.

I compiled lazarus trunk with fpc 2.7.1 trunk without any problems

I had some issues with lazarus trunk when running it where it would freeze
when the editor window comes up due to some TCarbonTab SetFocus exception.
Apparently others have had this problem as well.

I then checked out an earlier lazarus revision of 42619 which was from
September 5. I was able to compile and run it without much fuss.

Now I have the following problems ...

Problem 1


When I try to add an event to a component using the designer I receive the
above error. It looks like a problem with code tools and the fpc sources on
generic specialization of enumerable. The program does compile though. I
just can't add events in the designer windows.

Problem 2


When I try to run a program (either in debug mode or release mode which has
no debugging on) I get that message from OS X. It seems to build fine. I
mentioned above the debugger was gotten from macports and is named ggdb on
disk rather than gdb and is at version 7.6, if that's important.

It is located on my system at


I'd very much appreciate it if anyone could help me setup correctly working
near trunk versions of fpc and lazarus on OS X.

Thank you in advance.
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