[Lazarus] Gtk3 "hello world" application crash

Krzysztof dibo20 at wp.pl
Wed Oct 2 18:52:50 CEST 2013

> Look at implementation in lazarus/lcl/interfaces/gtk3 .
> It works , also most of wincontrols works (using bit modified bindings
> from lazarus/lcl/interfaces/gtk3/**gtk3bindings
> zeljko

Yes. I checked also source from interfaces. Same problem. Maybe I'm doing
something wrong? My steps:
1. I copied headers from lazarus/lcl/interfaces/gtk3/gtk3binding into my
project source because I'm not interested in LCL, I need to write pure Gtk3
2. I installed gtk3 dev headers in my ubuntu distro by: sudo aptitude
install libgtk-3-dev. Other dependences were installed too, like:
    gir1.2-gtk-3.0{a} libatk-bridge2.0-dev{a} libgtk-3-dev
libwayland-dev{a} libxkbcommon-dev{a}
3. Application is compiling fine, but crash in gtk_main() with error:
"External: SIGFPE"
4. When I run program from console I see error text: "EDivByZero : Divizion
by zero"

BTW: Have Lazarus Gtk3 support for windows too? I mean, I see only link to
linux .so library, but Gtk3 has package for windows too where dll libs are
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