[Lazarus] WriteLn back to the GUI

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Fri Oct 25 03:16:24 CEST 2013

ListMember schrieb:

> One of my aims (one which we discussed here a few years ago) is to rip 
> the parser and lexer from the compiler. I want to have a token tree 
> (including directives) from the mouth of the horse (so to speak).
> I also want to see how hard it is to turn the compiler into a module of 
> the frontend (see my text mode hatred) by getting rid of commandline 
> switches (and also of textmode feedback).
> Actually, I am surprised that no one (that I know of) has done this yet.

I already tried what you describe. All I could finish was an Oberon 
front end, and a working preprocessor.

FPC is a production compiler by design, i.e. a mess of optimized 
spaghetti code, with values copied frequently between records and global 
variables. You can get token trees from the subroutines' code, if this 
is sufficient. Declarations are parsed directly into dedicated data 

> After all, both FPC and all the IDEs (Lazarus, fpGUI, MSEide+MSEgui 
> etc.) use FPC but the degree of integration between them is lacking, IMO.
> I want to see how hard it is to bring them a little closer.

You won't get any assistance by the FPC developers, all you can do is 
tweaking a copy of the compiler code.

> I love frustration :)

Odds are good :-(


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